Frustration doesn't allow for good spinning

I woke up grumpy this morning.
Part of this is because I was awake fully two hours before I had planned on it. I have off today and tomorrow, so I was intending to sleep in and enjoy some time off. I was awake at 8 AM and not going back to sleep, even though I was tired as hell.
The other part is because I didn't sleep two solid hours all night. My sinuses are playing mind games with me, being stuffed or clear as they please and rather randomly. Usually they are stuffed whenever I am trying to sleep, which makes it difficult to do so. No matter what I take to help me get over this problem, I inevitably wake up every few hours to try and clear them out.
So I was rather tired when I woke up.
My day up to now went something like this:
Read, shower, wake up Patrick at ten. Get him in the shower. Breakfast, dishes, clean the apartment. Bank, dollar store (best place to find cheap decorations), home. Make lunch, put away the new stuff, try to take a nap. Fail. Put up some lights in the front windows and some garland around the place to get the holiday spirit going a bit. Hang some bells on the front door. Sit down for a few minutes to watch Patrick playing video games, get up, pull out the wheel, try to spin some llamney. Fail. Adjust tension. Spin. Fail. Adjust tension again. Fail. Adjust tension. Put drive band back on and adjust the tension. Fail. Give up on llamney, find third bobbin, try out the merino from Mom. Fail. Adjust leader length. Fail. Adjust tension. Continue adjusting tension. Try putting a slipper on so my foot won't slip on the treadle. Spin two inches of merino. Fail. Adjust tension. Fail. Give up on spinning with much malcontent. Stand around for a few minutes, fuming. Remind Patrick to get ready for work. Remind Patrick to eat something before going to work. Sit at the table, play with the fruit bowl, plug in computer.
Begin blog post.

Arianne wasn't cooperating with my attempts to spin today, and I am not in a mood to wrestle with her so I've just let the subject drop. I'll try again tomorrow when I'll be less wound up, and maybe she'll loosen up too. It's probably just the move.

The dollar store got me some more hand towels for the kitchen and one for the bathroom, as well as two big plastic mixing bowls, a fruit bowl, a singing tie for Patrick's dad (gag gift), door decorations, and garland. The garland has been draped artfully over the windows in the living room, the door is hung with a big felt ornament motif and bells, and we have some blue and white snowflake lights up in the front window. There are plastic (glittery) and foam snowflakes attached to most of our windows that will stay up until spring. We have a table cloth to put under the tree we will eventually obtain--I convinced Patrick that we needed one. The cloth is to help catch some of the needles that will fall from the live tree because I refuse to have a fake one. It's real or none at all. I am so spoiled.
I have a few more lights to put up, perhaps in the kitchen or maybe even in the bed room, I don't know yet. I'm going to get another table cloth for the table until I get the fabric to make one.

Well, I'm going to go cook dinner. Boneless pork chops, pasta, and some corn with lemon meringue pie for dessert. I'll make up a plate for Patrick to eat when he gets home from work. I'll hopefully be asleep by then.

Melatonin is an insomniac's best friend.


Roxie said...

Some days are just like that. Tomorrow will be different. And with any luck, you'll get some sleep tonight.

Donna Lee said...

Some days are not spinning days. It happens. Maybe tomorrow. No pressure.