I promised there would be knitting in this post, so here we go.

To start, I'm sorry I don't have any pictures. My camera is being fidgety and now it needs batteries, so I can't transfer any pictures onto my XD card to put on my computer. Grr. But Evenstar is chugging along slowly. I'm halfway through clue number two on my third try. My eyes can only handle so much lace at a time, and since they are adjusting to new reading/knitting glasses, I have to be careful with them. So, to ease the burden and since I can't always knit something as complicated as Evenstar, I have cast on a sweater.
It's a simple little pull-over hoodie, and I'm making it in a fairly light merino/alpaca/mohair/acrylic. It's Moorland yarn, from Classic Elite Yarns, in a heathered purpley-blue color. The pattern is from a little box of patterns called Knitting to Go by Kris Percival. One of my mom's coworkers gave it to her a little while ago, and she passed it on to me. It's got a lot of cute patterns, and I fully intend on knitting most of them.

Caryn and I saw Repo Men tonight, partly because it fascinated us (she saw the original rock opera version, though I passed) and partly because we are both rather infatuated with Jude Law. He is in fine form for this movie, but if you're squeamish at all, I recommend skipping out on this one. They do not spare you blood and guts as they cut open their clients and remove the organs they have not paid for. Trust me, I spent most of the movie cringing.

We leave for Boston and PAX on Thursday. Early morning, around five-ish. I am totally looking forward to this trip, I've been needing a vacation. When we get back on Sunday, I pretty much have to unpack and go straight into the shower because I open Monday morning, but I'll survive. Next week Bob and I are going to make plans to go purchase our instruments.

Oh, I didn't say? We decided for the fun route. Last Thursday Bob and I went to a music store called Sam Ash and wandered around looking lost until I found a guy who looked like he belonged in the guitar section. He was incredibly friendly and generally a nice person. We told him that we were total novices and wanted something we could learn on that would last for a little while. He asked what music we liked, and led us to our ideal instruments. He explained why they were ideal, and what to expect from the package deals which were our best bet. He gets a +50 on his scorecard from me and Bob.
We also browsed a nearby store called Guitar Center, where the workers fit into the 'scene' so well we didn't really feel like we could talk to them on any kind of novice level. Everyone in the store seemed to have this 'I'm so much better than you' vibe and so we left. -50 points.

Other than that, there is no real news. Patrick has moved to a new Friendly's that is nearby and is giving him nothing but managing day hours, so his paychecks are going to be going up slightly. Also, now that I've changed my schedule to have weekends and most nights off, we see each other awake more often. It's nice.

Spring is finally starting to peek around the corner, dragging the rain in headfirst. We've gotten quite a bit lately, but the flowers are starting to bloom. First the crocuses and now the daffodils, soon the tulips and the lily of the valley. And after that? The mulberries will start to grow and all the summer flowers will start waking up.

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
"Winter is dead."
~Daffadowndilly, A.A. Milne


Roxie said...

What fun to learn to play together!

And how neat that you can go to the knit-in with your mom!

Enjoy your spring!

Donna Lee said...

I'll be sure to let Lisa know that you are using the knitting patterns.

I hope PAX is all you expect and I'll be waiting to hear some music from you and Bob.

actonbell said...

Thank you! I used to have this LP, (Disney, "When We Were Very Young") and was trying to remember this:)