It's a Quandary.

I have a question to pose to you people who read my blog (few though you may be). Hear the whole story before you make a comment.

It has been my mostly unspoken wish to learn a musical instrument. I have dabbled with a few woodwinds, but my love of singing has led me to fall in love with an instrument that leaves my mouth free.
I want to learn to play the bass.
I have wanted this since about my freshman year of high school (about six or seven years). Before you ask, Mom, I never really said much about it because I couldn't ask you to buy me one and I didn't have the money to save for it, so I put it aside out of my mind.
My tax return is enough to do a few things with: purchase the much-needed vacuum cleaner, the responsible savings deposit for emergencies, and the much wanted fun purchase. I don't often buy myself things more expensive than books as presents, especially since now I'm paying for rent, and electricity, and food. But I know a few places that sell bass packs that include instruction books (or dvds, in some), a decent bass, an amp, and a few other accessories for $300 and under. I am on the brink of decision either way: to splurge, or not to splurge? One of the only things keeping me from going ahead and shopping for a bass is the fact that even if I learned, who would I play with? Playing by myself wouldn't be as much fun as if I knew a friend who could play guitar or something else.
Cue Bob, my go-to guy when I'm undecided on something. He has a knack for putting things in perspective and playing both sides of the issue at hand so that each point of view gets a fair consideration. On this instance, though, he is biased: he has harbored a vaguely secret desire to learn guitar since about the same point in his life (he is two years older than I am).
So, here's the thing. Now we suddenly both have reasons to do this thing that we have long dreamed of. With similar tastes in music and schedules that fit together decently well, we'd even have time to get together and learn every once in a while. We could do it, Bob and I could learn guitar and bass.
We should both save the money and use it for something different, but how often can we say we have the money to get ourselves something that we've wanted for so long? I talk myself out of this stuff so much, convincing myself that it's better if I don't splurge.
What do you guys think?

I'm so indecisive...

Knitting in the next post, I promise. Evenstar is finally back on the rails.


Owl Chick said...

I bought my son a bass when he was in high school. Music helped him focus and did good things for his self-esteem because it was something he wanted to do AND he felt that I supported his dream.

If you can afford to splurge, why not do so? Is it possible to pick one and accessories up from Craigslist or Freecycle? Maybe a local music shop will give you a deal on a floor model :)

When all else fails, ask yourself what you'll be happiest remembering when you're 90...and then go with that instinct.

Donna Lee said...

I wish you'd said something. We could have worked something out....

However, you know my philosophy. No one ever said on their deathbed, "thank god I saved all that money to give to my loved ones". You are young. You work very hard for your money. Save part of the return (or buy the much needed vaccuum cleaner used) and buy the bass. I can come and play the autoharp with you! Woot, a weird string trio! (kidding)

Owl Chick said...

I like your family's style :) Once again, I'm sorry I killed you!