Holy Cow!

Two years.
I can't believe it's been two years since I started working at Pizza Hut. Matt slipped me my "Thank you for not quitting!" card and pin as he left today, claiming that he didn't think I was much of a get-everyone-together-for-the-giving-of-the-pin kind of person.
He's right.
Just about everyone at Pizza Hut signed my card, mostly with witty comments like "Why would you do this to yourself?", "Yay Kate! Looks like you're gonna be a lifer like me!", and "Kate, You will NEVER leave, you're cursed!" I also got some nicer comments, like Dan the Cook's note: "Hola Kate, Tu eres la mejor." He ruined it by adding "PS, I don't really like you. lol j/k."

It is heartening that everyone signed, even though I doubt that they would write something truly terrible on a card for anyone unless they harbored a deep and abiding hatred of them. I am also proud that I have stuck with that hell-hole for so long. I work hard at my job, and I take pride in my work. When regular customers come in and ask me how my vacation was, or tell me about their brother/aunt/cousin who's in the hospital, or I hear from someone else that a customer was asking after me, I know I've done my job right. I gave good, friendly service and the food was obviously satisfying enough to come back (though I can rarely take credit for that). And they remember that.

I try very hard to always be cheerful when I walk through the doors of the store. Not only because the more I smile the more my customers smile (generally) but because everyone at Pizza Hut is always so miserable. I mean, yeah, we laugh and joke around and have a tolerable if not pleasant time with each other, but we all hate our jobs with varying degrees of passion. So I try to be the cheerful one with a silly joke or a friendly comment to make everyone else smile. And it usually works: the mood lightens by the minute when I'm there. But it's not just me, everyone else makes the effort, too. Some more than others, but it's there in everyone. One person just needs to start the initiative going.
Besides, nothing spreads faster than a bad mood.

So I go back in to work tomorrow, starting on my third year at The Hut. I still can't believe it's been that long.

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Roxie said...

Kiddo, you have the magic wand! With that attitude, every job you have will be a success. bless your dear heart! What a joy you must be to work with. They should give you flowers and raises, not just some funky pin.

Sounds like many of your co-workers are high-school students. What else can you expect from that maturity level? You DO rule!