Save 2nd Base!

This is just a little post to talk about something important to me.

This year, Emily has decided to team up with some of her coworkers and walk the Susan G. Komen Three Day for the Cure. It's sixty miles over three days to support breast cancer research. Think your odds are low? Women have a one-in-eight chance of getting it. If you'd like to donate, go to the link above and search for Emily Wood. You can donate to her from the website, and any amount helps. She needs to raise $2300 in five months.

A good portion of my family have or have had breast cancer, and the chances are high that Emily and I might one day go get a mammogram and be told that there are lumps on our breasts. She is walking for us, for our family, for our friends, and for every man, woman, and child who has ever had to loose someone dear to them to breast cancer. I'm afraid I can't donate a whole lot, but I'd like to do my part and get the word around to as many people as I can. Whether it's $1 or $50, any amount helps. And it isn't just Emily who is raising money. There are dozens of non-profit organizations who are doing all they can to raise money for breast cancer research.

Also, she says I am awesome because Patrick and I went halfsies and bought her a Save 2nd Base shirt to wear while she walks.

She wears a pink ball cap and a pink durag, pink ribbon on her SUV
Its been a long hard fight but she's kicked it twice
cause she don't know the word defeat
She's walkin' for the big cure,
mothers,daughters, sisters-
they're facin' this head on-
talk about being strong

Oh--shes a pink warrior
She's a fighter like her mama always taught to be
Got an army of angels marchin' around with her
She won't give in
Yeah she's gonna win
She's a pink warrior

~Candy Coburn "Pink Warrior"

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