Oh My. It Has Been A While, Hasn't It?

The last two weeks have been rather hellish for me, with the exception of the Easter weekend. Last Saturday (not this one that just passed, the other one) we went up to visit Em for birthday celebrations. Patrick and I picked out some lovely merino roving in some bright spring colors for her, since her silk adventure has not been a fun one for her. And, luckily for us and her, we managed to get two batts of the same colorway, which is rare when purchasing from Woolbearers.
Easter Sunday Patrick and I had dinner at my parents' house, which was a nice, quiet affair. The food was delicious, as always. My mom can cook a mean ham.

At work, we have been rather busy. Of course, spring break followed right up the heels of Easter, and I was inundated by parents with young kids, teens, and the normal business of the week. We'd been having some problems with the water over the weekend, and that just dropped a whole dry mess of troubles into our laps. Monday we opened late because our water was off until quarter after 12. Tuesday the water came back on right before we opened at 11, which was alright. Wednesday, it didn't come back on until 12 (we opened at 11 anyway and just kept the dining room closed). Unfortunately, when we ran the water to clean out the mud, the water kept running yellow. So, battling with unhappy customers all afternoon, we kept the dining room closed, washed our hands and cooked with bottled water, and Matt called the water company with annoying frequency to figure out what the hell was going on.
I don't know why we didn't just close outright, even our soda fountain wasn't working because of the water running wrong. The water didn't start running clear until just after 2 in the afternoon.
That was an adventure.

In general, though, our business has picked up pretty steadily until it has become rather a clusterfuck for me to handle most days. Matt's finally picked up on that and is now scheduling a second server to help me Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Fridays have always had two day servers. Monday I'm still on my own, which is okay. Splitting the dining room with another worker also means splitting the possible tips. Today I made just over $50, which is darn good for a Monday.

Upon our return from Boston, I must report a terrible thing occurred. A knitting tragedy, this. Kobold, so excited that we were finally back home, ran laps of the apartment like a nutcase. During one of them, he snagged my Evenstar-in-progress off of my bedside table and snapped the yarn that connected the lace to the cone. From there, he rand around with it hanging out of his mouth for a few seconds before I caught up to him and was thoroughly distressed. It was broken in many places, and had begun unraveling. I had to start over. Again. I was terribly upset, but could not blame him entirely for being overexcited. I do, however, blame him for targeting my knitting.
I am afraid to get too far into knitting it, because now disaster seems to follow this project wherever it goes.

Well, I must go and prepare dinner (BLT for me, BLP [pickles] for Patrick, the tomato-hater) and then Patrick and I have a quick errand to run before D&D tonight.


Owl Chick said...

Poor Evenstar :( I'm sure, now that you've done some of the pattern before, it will go more smoothly.

Roxie said...

Kobold! Stop living up to your name, you mischievous gnome! I'm SO sorry about Evenstar! Mega bummer! I'm surprised the dog didn't wind up as a pair of slippers.

How can you run a restraunt without water? Your boss needs his head examined!

Donna Lee said...

I think your evenstar has finished it's run of bad luck and you can now knit it in peace.

Kobold is lucky he isn't dead and on the street.