Dog pictures!

The weather here has been pretty turbulent lately, flitting erratically between 85* and 60* days. On the hotter days, Kobold stretches out on out two tile floors. The kitchen, to the left; and the bathroom, below. He lays like he was a skin rug, and it is really odd.

He's got a new chew toy now, one of the Kong toys. They are shaped like beehives, and made of a very sturdy, hard rubber. There's a hole in either end, and you put a treat in it. The point is for the dog to figure out how to bite the toy just right so that the treat comes out. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and I had a hard time getting it in there in the first place. We got the "xtreme chew" edition, which is made of super-extra hard rubber. What this means is that he will frustrate the hell out of himself trying to get the delicious peanut butter-flavored treat out, and at the same time occupy his time by chewing on something that won't get him in trouble.

Today is Patrick's birthday, and I thought about doing a post that was about him. But he doesn't really like that sort of thing in most cases, because he doesn't always feel comfortable when I single him out. So I will make the summation of the day short: We both worked, we ran a few errands after I got out. I made some sangria (delicious!), and then cooked dinner. Steaks wrapped in bacon, he requested them. Paired with potatos and corn, he was made very happy. He also requested an ice cream cake, which we are about to start thawing. We rented the movie Planet 51, and are planning on spending the night in and ignoring the thunder storm that is going on outside.

Kobold has his Kong toy on the floor, and he is trying his hardest to tear the thing open. I have lots of cleaning to do tomorrow, but that will wait. Patrick and I have some peace tonight, and I hope you do, too.

Please don't say "You are lazy"
datte hontou wa Crazy

hakuchoutachi wa sou

mienai toko de BATAashi suru n desu

honnou ni juujun chuujitsu honrou mo juujuu shouchi

zentoyouyou dashi...

dakara tama ni kyuukei shichau n desu

Please don't say "You are lazy"
Because I'm actually crazy
When even the graceful swan
Is kicking its legs hard under water
We're really following our instincts, open to criticism any time
We've got a bright future ahead
So that's why we need to take a break sometimes

Don't Say Lazy~Houkago Tea Time (After School Tea Time)


Roxie said...

Another treat for Kobold- since he is doing the maximum belly contact thing, is to dampen a towel and stick it in the freezer, then spread it on the floor for him to lie on. The chew-toy sounds awesome! And Patrick's birthday sounds ideal. good day all around!

Donna Lee said...

What an ingenous toy. They should make one for kids.

Happy Birthday to Patrick! He is a super guy and deserves a good day.