It was a long and trying week last week, and I'm glad to see the end of it. Aside from the funeral (at which I cried gallons and gallons, and felt slightly better at the end), it's been unseasonably warm for late spring here, and the humidity is teasing us with thunderstorms that just blow right over us without releasing any of the moisture that's sitting in the air primed to drench our thirsty grass. In addition to all that, we are being inspected tomorrow at work, and our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a very important thing for us to pass with flying colors. As such, we have been under extreme pressure from Matt to make sure you can perform surgery on any surface in the store.
I spent two hours out of my eight hour shift on Saturday on my hands and knees scrubbing the baseboards in the wait station.

I have the day off today, and as such have spent it cleaning my apartment. It's much cooler today, somewhere around 75* with the breeze going. I figure I can get all my cleaning out of the way now, and that way when Thursday rolls around and Patrick and I have off together, we can spend the day being lazy. Poor Patrick was working a nine hour shift on Saturday, which was Friendly's free ice cream day. And, because a manager quit at another store, the owners are doing the Manager Shuffle until they find a way to arrange the thinned ranks. This means that his schedule changed and he doesn't have off until Thursday. His last day off was last Wednesday.
I plan on pampering him when he gets home today to the best of my ability.

Speaking of employee switching, we had three people quit without notice about two weeks ago, and ever since then everyone that's left has been working odd and extended shifts to cover for the gap made. Considering the fact that Matt only JUST hired someone to replace the girl who quit over two months ago, I don't see us getting any reprieve any time soon. I just dropped an application at Wawa down the road and the LA Fitness that my parents go to. I hope one of them calls back.

I've recently become addicted to the show Bones on Netflix. It's about a forensic anthropologist, and gosh I never expected I could be so interested in the calcification on a femur. It's an incredibly enjoyable show, and I've just started the third season.

The second sleeve on Blue is done, now I just have to sew it up and start the hood. It'll be done just in time for the summer heat.

Hope your week started smoothly and with temperate weather.

Well I was laying out wire on Number 9
Now when she came down to earth.
And she was talkin' real loud
All about how she was gonna save the universe.
I went an' snuck a li'l peek in her blue eyes
And words just aren't enough...
She had me off an runnin'
~Tim Jensen, Yoko Kanno "Diggin'"

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Roxie said...

Remember when you go to those job interviews, You're interviewing Them as much as they're interviewing you. Make sure you aren't going from crummy to crappy. (speaks she who has been there.)

Have a lovely Thursday!!