Kobold got a bath today, bringing is total bath tally up to three. He's become slightly more compliant each time, and he only scratched me (accidentally) once this time around. He's been itching a lot lately and since we have yet to encounter a single flea in the apartment or on him, we got him some oatmeal shampoo. In a few days we'll give him his flea treatment and then he'll be fine for another month at least.
Since he doesn't spend a lot of time outside, we don't worry too much about fleas, but it doesn't hurt to have the medicine on him anyway. Patricks' mother's dogs get them regularly and Maddie, the mutt, tends to attract them more than normal.

Yesterday we got some frames from A.C.Moore since I have posters and pictures that need to decorate our still-bare-white walls, and we managed to get two of them up. This one is a freebie poster I got from PAX for my favorite survival-horror game that has ever existed, Dead Space. It's a gorey game, and the name of the combat mechanic gives away just how: Strategic Dismemberment.
That's right, you have to separate your enemies' limbs from their bodies to win. The things you fight in this game are constantly evolving (something like a genetic zombie, it's called a necromorph) and so even if you shoot off their legs, they will claw their way to you with their arms. The only way to kill them is to completely destroy them. Removing or destroying the head doesn't always work, so sometimes it's safer to slow them down and then back away so you can shoot them apart at your leisure.
It's a great game, I love it. I have an artbook I got at PAX signed by the art lead and the project director. They were really nice guys.

The other picture that's gotten framed is this one. I believe it to be the only picture I have of Patrick smiling voluntarily. Last summer, while on vacation in Wildwood, we were wandering the boardwalk and decided to get one of the cheesy old-with-an-e time photos.
The place was pretty crowded, and the workers were startlingly efficient at undressing and redressing me in a slip-on corset and skirt. And of course the fishnets. No shoes. It was fun regardless of the hustle, though when the camera guy wanted us to make serious faces, he didn't really give us time to.
It was also pretty expensive. Boardwalk robbery. But worth it, in my opinion. It's my favorite picture that I own, and Patrick begged me to hang it up above his desk, so he could "look up and see me smiling all the time."
Ain't he cute?

"Okay, so here's the deal: grass grows, birds fly, and brotha'... I hurt people."
~Team Fortress 2: Meet the Scout


Donna Lee said...

You know, dad and I have one of those photos, too. It looks a lot like yours. It's one of my favorites, too.

Roxie said...

Kobold looks so cute and fluffy!

Love the olde-timey photo. I'm so glad you didn't get a chance to look serious.

Olivia said...

That's a lovely photo!