Well, it was an exercise in patience and perseverance, but I made it through the week without killing anyone.

Monday was busy with just me and ManagerE running the store, but WaitressK came in a little early to help us out. I only got out 40 minutes late that day. Tuesday was also rather busy with Matt and CookA, but I had a shift overlap so I managed to get out a mere 20 minutes late that day. Wednesday I had some afternoon help for a few hours from WaitressD, so even though we were busy yet again, it was a little more bearable.
Thursday was a nice break, we were slow and I had WaitressD with me. I let her take a majority of the customers so that new WaitressN could walk around with me as I took my time and started to teach her what she needed to know. Friday was craaaaazy busy, but thankfully WaitressD came in early afternoon to give me a hand. She only needed off at night, she said, and she didn't mind helping me out. Thank god for that woman, she's a lifesaver.
Saturday Ariel no-call no-showed and I offered to come in early to help out, but Matt denied me. He didn't want to spend the labor or risk me getting overtime (because I really cost that much on the payroll...). I came in and we were steady for a while. WaitressK came in and we slowed down after about 7, but got busy again around 10 when I was leaving. I stayed a few extra minutes to put in appetizers and make sure WaitressK was okay with her 6 tables before I skedaddled.
Sunday I woke up, relaxed a little, and did some laundry. I had to seriously restrain myself when Mom asked if I wanted to go to the lake, but I was on my last clean bra and I'd been wearing the same sweaty, sauce-covered work shirts (I only have 2) for a week. Laundry was priority. I went in that afternoon to a rejoicing WaitressK, who said she'd had 4 tables all day and made $20. She was very excited about the slow business, and I agreed. Sure, she didn't make much money that day but it was nice to have a day of work where she wasn't running around like a nutball trying to make sure everyone is satisfied and gets good service. We got a small rush around 5:30, shortly after WaitressK2 came in (late, because apparently her car is busted). I left early, around 8:20 because Sunday was just slow.
I was off yesterday, and spent most of my day cleaning. I went through my clothes to pick out anything I don't wear or doesn't fit and it's sitting in a bag waiting to go to Caryn's sister. Anything that's still in good condition I give to Jenn, who is two years younger than me and grows proportionally to me, so as I grow out of something she usually is growing into it. I don't mind, and it means she gets good clothing for free. When I had my last growth spurt a few years ago, I shot up about two inches. Jenn got three pairs of jeans and a nice pair of khaki pants out of it, because I couldn't wear them anymore.

I was supposed to go in today to work 12-2:30, which is really a stupid shift, but I got a message from CookA today telling me that Matt said I didn't need to come in. So I guess he figures that it's a stupid shift, or that they won't need my help. I don't mind. I've got off tomorrow and Thursday, so that makes it a four-day vacation basically. I don't mind that at all. Today I go grocery shopping, and tomorrow is the Manchester United vs. the Philadelphia Union game I'm going to with my dad. I'm skipping out on a D&D game, but I don't mind.
Thursday Patrick and I are playing with the idea of cashing in the date jar (it's pretty much full) and going to the Camden Aquarium. I've only been there once, and it was when I was very little. I think we'll enjoy it.

Knitting ground to a halt this week, since I was so busy at work I barely had energy to come home and cook dinner most days. But, on the plus side, I made a little over $200 this week. I think that'll cover my rent next month. And the $170 from last week will pay for groceries. So I'm back on track now. The necessities are covered, and we have some breathing room again.

It's quite a relief.

I don’t think I ever saw you blink
You were so controlled that no one knew
And by the time we all stopped to think
We were already too close to you
Now you keep coming by
Telling me it’s not what I think
But I know a murder when I see one
Some kind of octopus
Tearing my shell apart
Letting the sea get in
You make my insides outside

"Octopus"~Jonathan Coulton


Donna Lee said...

Busy week! Too bad your manager doesn't know how to schedule. OTOH, you got some good tips.

I'm glad you're going to the game. Dad is excited and looking forward to your company. Maybe you guys could take Lulu?

Roxie said...

Oh yes, Lulu would love a live match!

Hooray for the money but man, what a mad way to earn it. I'm sending energy into the universe that you will find something that pays you what you're worth and uses your many talents and gifts appropriately. You're wasted at a pizza place!