We've Got a Lot to Talk About

After four days off straight, I was finding it hard to get the motivation to get up and go to work yesterday. Carryout ended up bustling, while the dining room only did so-so business all night. It was a long shift, since ex-CookS stopped showing up for her shifts. Something about drama with the friend she was living with and moving to Tom's River (which is about 2 hours away) to live with her boyfriend or something... I don't blame her for not wanting to continue the commute, but she could have notified us or something, rather than just not show up any more. Matt would have gladly set her up for a transfer, I'm sure. He's generally pretty good about that sort of thing.
People these days like to do that, it seems. We've had four people in the last two months just stop showing up for their shifts without any word to anyone about it. I can't think of doing that, I just can't imagine myself ever doing that unless I was under extreme duress. Even then, I'd feel terrible about it. Maybe it's just because I'm not some 17-year-old with nothing to lose but some respect from people who barely knew me anyway, but I could never do that to my coworkers. Especially if I know that they're in a tight staffing situation as it is. I respect the people I work with too much (Yes, even Matt. He's got a hard job.) to just leave them high and dry without me. If I just stopped showing up, Matt just lost 30 hours a week of waitress labor, and he doesn't have anyone trained or experienced enough to do what I do and still cover their own shifts.
I guess it boils down to respect and that "do-unto-others" thing people try so hard to teach you when you're young. I hate when people dump me like that, so I try really hard not to.

On the subject of dumping stuff on me, Matt has once again scheduled me for a monday and wednesday night. Two weeks in a row. I managed to switch for this Monday coming up, but I don't know if I can do it for the next ones. Now, when I say I have an open schedule, I am the one person at this store who has only one request: Monday and Wednesday nights off. I will work any other shift you want me to, but all I want is those two nights to myself. The reason is going to seem pretty silly until I explain it: those are the nights we play D&D. Now, I can't tell Matt this because he'll laugh in my face and call me a nerd and ask me why can't we play around my schedule.
Well, see Matt, that's the thing... this set up IS playing around everyone's schedule. We agreed long before we actually started playing to take Monday and Wednesday nights for the game. We don't play on other days with some exceptions, and those are special sessions. Aside from my responsibility to show up with my group on time, Mondays and every other Wednesday nights are the only times I get to see most of these people, whom I count as my closest friends. Every one of us is so caught up with work and other business, that it's nice to set aside a night or two to just hang out, catch up, and then sit down to play a game we all love and put a lot of effort into.
So I need to sit down with Matt and tell him that I just can't do it any more. Maybe I can say weekdays only, nights on the weekends. It'll make my schedule strict, but perhaps he won't forget quite as much that way.
We'll see how that works out, it may mean a small cut in hours. Just means I'm pushing more to get out of there.

Wednesday Dad and I went to see the Philadelphia Union play against Manchester United. Now, I'm not a big fan of ManU. I much prefer Chelsea, but I won't say that in front of Caryn, who absolutely loves ManU. So I was cheering for the Union, who lost 1-0. The game was frustrating, with sloppy passing and easy mistakes on both sides. It was a good game, don't get me wrong, and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. Unfortunately, we were sitting next to Mr. I-know-everything-about-soccer and he wouldn't stop making inane and often incorrect comments about the game. We tuned him out mostly, though.
Thursday Patrick and I went to the aquarium with our date jar money, and had an excellent time. It was, apparently, Bring Your Youth Group/Daycare/Religious Organization day, so it was crowded with kids from all walks who mostly weren't very well controlled. We plotted our way through the exhibits carefully to avoid them as much as possible, and even managed to catch a seal show. Pictures to follow the post.

My birthday is in a little under two weeks. It sneaked up on me once again, and I still keep forgetting that it's almost here. I'm turning 21, and despite everyone's expectations, I'm not going to go out to "the bar" (a very Jersey way of saying "a local and cheap alcohol vendor") to get trashed. That's not my style. I'm not a big party girl, and I don't drink much at all. I've only ever encountered one beer I've ever actually liked (I've been trying my dad's beer since I was old enough to understand it) and I am very picky about wines and hard liquor. Mostly because I don't like bitter things, my taste is limited to very sweet drinks. Now, my coworkers want to see me drunk very, very badly, and are therefore upset every time I remind them I'm not going out drinking for my 21st. In fact, I probably won't be going out at all. I didn't even take the day off from work. Between going hiking next weekend, and trying to go down to Wildwood with Caryn, Bob, and Patrick two weekends later, I just didn't feel right taking off another day in-between.
My parents want to get me bass lessons for my birthday, which is pretty cool. I've managed to teach myself some basic stuff, but I'm not good at reading music and memorizing notes, and I think a teacher would help me with that. Also, I just can't get the hang of slapping and popping the strings.

I've recently become quite a fan of the anime K-On! which is about a high school Keion (light music) club. It's a slice-of-life style show, and the music is great. It's a mix of pop and rock, and everything has a great beat. I won't give you any links or anything, because of course it's all in Japanese and most people find that to be a niche kind of music.
The bassist for the band (Houkago[afterschool] Tea Time), Mio, plays bass for the same reason I do: she loves playing, but doesn't want to draw a whole lot of attention to herself. I laughed a lot when I realized that. Aside from Mio, there are two guitars (Yui and Azusa), a keyboard (Tsumugi), and drummer (Ritsu). Now, I name everything. My mp3 player is Charlie, my laptop is Zippy. Patrick's car is Emmaline. Yui, who plays lead guitar, names everything as well. Her guitar is Gittah, and she even convinces Mio to name her bass (Elizabeth). Mine is Sammy, named before that episode even went on air.
It's really just a silly and cheerful anime that I watch because it makes me laugh and feel better when I'm upset.

Anyway, aquarium pictures for everyone and then I'm done for the day.

Jumping Now
Gachi de uruwashi Never Ending Girls' Life
hibi maji RAIBU dashi matta nashi
hayaoki shite mo hayane wa Non Non Non!
meippai Shouting "WASSHOI!"
Gachi de subarashi Never Ending Girls' Song
Gogo TIITAIMU ni wa motte koi
Kataomoi demo gyokusai de Here We Go!
Utaeba Shining After School.
Jumping Now
Seriously pretty Never Ending Girls' Life
We're serious every day, it's now or never 'cause we're live!
Even if you wake up early, going to bed early is a no-no-no!
Shouting with all I've got, "Woo-hoo!"
Seriously wonderful Never Ending Girls' Song
Our afternoon tea time couldn't be better
Our love is unrequited, but it's an honorable defeat, so Here We Go!
When we sing we're Shining After School
"Cagayake! Girls" ~ Houkago Tea Time


Hampers said...

Finally, a resolution I love and really want to keep. Good article.

Donna Lee said...

Great photos. The trick to the aquarium is to go later in the afternoon, not in the morning. The groups all have to leave right after lunch.