Brevity in an Blog

Patrick got robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday at work. The guy had a shot gun. Luckily no one was hurt and the thief got away with a deposit.
I probably would have wet myself or puked or something. Apparently, all Patrick was thinking was, "God damn it, I don't want to deal with this right now."

Wildwood this weekend, can't wait for some vacation time.

Not much to talk about, really, besides that. Oh, and a new pet project of mine:

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Roxie said...

Bless his heart! And bless yours, too. He did exactly the right thing. Thank him for not being stupid. Thank him for coming home safe to you. Hug him once for me, too. When I got held up at gunpoint, I spent about a month flipping from not quite believing it, to being knee-crawling terrified. It's wise to be frightened of a guy with a gun. That's survival instinct at work.