So I just finished up my second bass lesson and already I am finding huge improvements in my playing. I also find things that I need to make improvements on, like using "finger fat" to hold the strings with my pinky, since I have a tendency to use only the tip. And I also need to remember that my right fingers stand up (play straight) rather than sit down (curling). This keeps the sound I make with the string more consistent and it will also sound fuller and deeper.
I have learned the intro and verse portions of Endless Possibility (picked) which is very very fast and is a good exercise to increase my skills with a pick. The intro and transition for the Reel Big Fish song "Dateless Losers" is also pretty fast, but fingered, and does a funny little jump around right before the verse that is part of my exercises for this week. I was complimented on my finger speed, which was pretty cool. I'm getting better at playing along with the music, and I am definitely looking forward to next week.

I cast on for a baby hat for Riley, Alyssa's daughter. If I have enough, I'm going to make a pair of baby socks. I'm planning on getting Alyssa to come for dinner next Wednesday night, since I have yet to see her or the baby and I am getting antsy to see the tiny little hands.

We've been pretty damn busy at work these last two weeks, and either I get all the cheapest jerks in NJ who all come in together, or everything is carry out and even though all my customers leave nice tips, there's so few it doesn't make a difference. I got turned down for another job because I wasn't fast enough, which sucks, because it's another waitressing gig at a good restaurant. I could use the tips.

Not perfect
Not too hip
But we need lovin' too
We are the dateless losers
Lonely until we die
So unappreciated
Why, oh, why why why?
~Reel Big Fish: Dateless Losers


Donna Lee said...

It sounds like the bass lessons are fun. Sorry about the job. You're a good waitress and someone will hire you.

Roxie said...

The lessons sound like a treat! Bummer about the other job, but do you want to have to work somewhere where you're constantly rushed? The perfect thing is out there for you.

Are you battening down for the hurricane?