The last two weeks in bullets:

-Well, so we never got to go to the shooting range, just to clear up that bit of disappointment. Some things came up and Patrick's brother couldn't take us, comes with being a cop.

-Got hired at Wawa (local chain convenience store with a name for treating employees really well) for $8.50 an hour.

-Put in my three weeks' notice at Pizza Hut, nearly slugged my manager because he was being a jerk about it.

-The world didn't end.

-I got through the interminable and mind-numbing training videos at Wawa and started hands-on training.

-Patrick ended the semester with three B's and an A, and has one last class before he finishes his degree.

-My PH manager drove me insane when I asked him to cut my hours back a little since I've been doing close to 50 hours a week, seven days a week, for two and a half weeks (ending at four weeks straight) and found out that not only did he NOT read the note explaining the situation, he didn't listen to my problem or the solution I posed. Please remember that he is the one who asked me to write the note that he ignored.

-I decided that being an adult and taking adult consequences isn't always easy, especially when the other person/people involved aren't acting like adults in return.

-I decided that my least favorite part of Wawa is finding cigarettes. There's approximately 80 billion different kinds of cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco in stock, and they're all the same five colors with the same two box designs.

-I am preparing for raptor attacks. The grass across the way on the margin at the train tracks is now as tall or taller than I am in most places. Take this picture as proof: Patrick is standing on a hill amidst the grass. You can't even see where Kobold is.

My last day at Pizza Hut is June 5th, and I can't wait to get out. Knitting just isn't happening, what with 45 hours, seven days a week for four weeks. I'm so tired all the time, hence why it took so long to get this blog post out.

"Well, you know the old formula. Comedy equals tragedy plus time. And you have been asleep for a while. So it's really pretty funny when you do the math."
~GladOS, Portal


Roxie said...

When that tall grass dries it's going to be a fire hazard. Hope the powers that be have sense enough to mow before that happens. And be sure to check for ticks after strolling through the weeds. Gad - I'm just a little ray of sunshine today, ain't I?

Hooray for the new job! And no matter how much they piss you off at the Pizza Palace, leave as an assured, competant grownup. I know you will. Wood women have class!!

Donna Lee said...

Well, you can have some down time on Sunday as I will prepare all the food and all you have to do is show up and we'll sit by the river and knit and chat and maybe spin a bit.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it?