Well, keeping up with my last post, Sony claims that their restoration plans will have all PSN services up by May 31st. There was a bit of confusion and anger over a mis-worded post on Sony's blog that said the PSN would be up by the 31st, but failed to detail that their plans were to restore service in phases, with everything restored by the 31st. They hint that multiplayer matchmaking will be up before then, but we can't be sure.
Game companies are furious at their loss of money, still people are putting blame on Anonymous, though they have come forward and said they are not responsible, and perhaps someone is framing them since Sony investigators found a folder titled 'Anonymous' placed in a random location in their servers that contained the message "We are legion." While Anonymous has picked on Sony before, they still are claiming no responsibility.
Good luck, Sony, on eventually finding out who did it. Since you still don't know, even with the FBI's help.

Also, Roxie, I doubt that Microsoft would put themselves in that kind of dangerous position. At this point, whoever attacked Sony is in for some really serious legal trouble if/when they are found.

On a brighter point, I get to go shooting on Saturday.

Patrick's birthday is the 14th, and his brother (the cop) is taking him to the shooting range. I requested the day off with trepidation, knowing that two of our other employees were going to be out of state already, and managed to guilt Matt into letting me have the day. So now I get to go with them to the shooting range. Is it strange that I am so excited about this? Because I think it's really awesome.

Patrick got his present a little early, since it's hard to hide a plant that needs lots of sunlight. Several years ago, he got an aloe plant from his grandmother. When he went away for a few days on a trip, he asked his younger sister to watch it, with instructions that it requires a lot of water, but only when the soil gets dry.
She watered it to death, and he misses it a lot. Every time we see an aloe plant, he reminisces about the one his sister killed. So I got him a new one. It may not be the one his grandmother gave him, but he likes it anyway.

Work has been slow and profit-less this last week, so when I get home today I am going to follow up on an interview I had at Wawa last week, and hopefully remind them that I exist.

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

Apparently there are videos up on Youtube now that are Anonymous claiming to take responsibility. I am surprised that these have not received more publicity in gaming media, but I'm not sure I'll take these as truth just yet.
So, turns out that Anonymous IS responsible for it. Currently they are going through an internal battle. Typically, Anonymous' harassment always falls under the rule "don't hurt bystanders" and they've kept to this creed pretty well. So when Sony filed lawsuits against two men for opening their Playstation3s and showing people on video how to crack into the software to make it support Linux and other OSs, Anonymous leapt to their defense.
Originally, though, they only planned on hacking into Sony's websites. This changed, however, when some sub-groups and members decided that this wasn't enough, and apparently carried out the intrusion that caused the PSN to be taken down. Anonymous is now split between people who think it went to far, and people who want to keep going. Some members are apparently aiming for Sony's complete takedown, or something equally drastic.

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Be sure to wear your ear protections and have a ball!! Good on you!