Long Time Coming

I have recently displayed an amazing ability to completely ignore my blog. Eh. My life, until recently, was not full of things that needed to be blogged about, but let me summarize with Emily's favorite: bullet points.

-The holiday season was fantastic as always. I spent much-needed time with family and friends, picked up time-and-a-half holiday pay for the first time ever (suck on that, Pizza Hut wages!), and had some down time to just relax.
-I have designed a very basic shawl pattern that will be talked about in another post to come soon.
-Back pain, holy cow
-Work, knitting, D&D, bass lessons, and life in general continue in much the same way as before, except for the back pain.

Well, like my mom has said, I did God knows what to my back and it has been bothering me for a week now. It was bad enough on Monday night that, with some pressure from friends and Emily, I finally just caved and went to the ER. They were spectacularly unhelpful in diagnosing my problem, but they gave me a prescription for some lovely pills that knocked me on my ass and made me feel invincible. I am well aware that I am not invincible, which is why I have a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor today. He will probably do some poking and then shunt me off to a specialist.

I've been a knitting fiend lately, but one struck with ADD. I have 4 projects otn right now, but I'm hovering between two of them currently, both scarves. They're simple and easy so I can sit still and do not much with my brain while I work on them. Plus, they're both alpaca, which is soft and feels nice on my hands.

I got a hair cut recently, which is refreshing. I was going crazy with my hair past my shoulders. I chopped it off back to my chin again.

Um, really... that's about all my news for now. I don't have much else to say at the moment, nothing really spectacular has happened to me lately, but my next post will be about that shawl I mentioned in the bullet points, I promise.

What I love most about rivers is:
You can't step in the same river twice.
The water's always changing, always flowing.
But people I guess can't live like that,
We all must pay a price;
To be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing
What's around the river bend,
Waiting just around the river bend...
~Just Around the River Bend (Pocahontas)

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Donna Lee said...

Back pain should be taken seriously. Who knows what could be hiding in there? (spine babies for instance)

Pain pills are a wonder but I hate them. I feel so dopey on them that nothing gets done, which is probably one of the things they're aiming for.