Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

What does a sloppy zombie get on his clothes?

What does a vegan zombie eat?

What does a crocheting zombie make?

These early-morning zombie jokes brought to you by Patrick and myself. Daylight savings time has ended in the contiguous states as of this morning, and so for the next week or two my sleep schedule will be decidedly odd. On the plus side, this means that when I get up to go to work at 6 or 7 am, it won't still be pitch-dark out.

We went out for my mom's birthday last night and had a good time. I'm glad she liked her present (a knitpicks gift card that turned into Harmony tips only a few short hours after she received it), and I'm glad she had a good time.

Fall has descended upon us suddenly, and most everyone is wondering what happened to our mild, breezy, 60-degree days we had all September and most of October. I like to point out that it is, in fact, November. This time last year, snow was in the forecast. Remember all that mess, guys?

Knitting is happening sporadically on three different projects.
Working is happening a lot.

Patrick and I are meeting Colleen up at the King of Prussia Mall today for some fun time. Patrick wants to visit the Lego store, I want to see the Sanrio store, and it's just a large place to go. It'll probably be busy. I expect this.

Well, I'm off to bake cookies for my coworker who is leaving our store for a promotion at another location. I'll miss her.

Sidenote: Patrick wants me to include a picture of the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant from the ridiculously silly tv show Adventure Time. So here you go.

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Roxie said...

Hmm- with two heads and no backside, that elephant must be full of shit.