Meeshunn Akkompleeshed

I have not posted in weeks. What is wrong with me? Oh well, here I go.

I am half a pattern repeat away from the toe on my pointsettia socks. Isn't that cool? I'm almost caught up to my mom. MOFriend's wrist warmers are completed and mailed off along with a ps1 game that I don't play (she finished her only one last week) and a promise of more tastykakes just as soon as I get a box that will stand up to the weight and density of that many snack foods. She is torn between fear and excitment. Oh yes.

I have no pictures because I can't find my camera's memory card, and for some reason my computer doesn't like recognizing my camera when its plugged in. So by the time the sock is done I will have pictures for you all, I promise.

This weekend has been very productive. Yesterday, my mom, em and I went to a new knitting store and quite liked it. On the way we hit an asian grocery store and promptly stuck out like crocheters at a knitting convention. I was attempting to find sashimi-grade fish so that I might be able to make sushi with my dad, but they did not sell it nor did anyone at the seafood counter know where I could find some. But that's okay, I will persevere. We were hungry so we made our way to the bakery and got some snack buns. These are round bread buns about the size of hamburger rolls with a cake-like texture and softness, usually filled with different things. My mom got barbecue pork, em got chicken, and I got "anko", or sweet red bean paste. And when I say sweet, I mean sweet. We also got some frozen butter cream rolls (my mom saw them and decided to try them) and I got a bunch of pocky. Pocky is an addictive snack food well known by anime fans because it's very popular with teens and hip young adults in Japan. Thin soy biscuit sticks are dipped in chocolate (dark or milk, strawberry, coffee, or even whipped 'mousse' chocolate) and then packaged and sent off. They're actually reasonably healthy. I was excited about the pocky because it's one of my favorite snacks and usually costs $3 a box at the retailers I've seen it in. It was 99cents a box here. Much joy was felt.

At the yarn store I got Schaeffer Yarn's Lola, which is 100% superwash merino in bright red, muddy brown, dark red, and black. I can't tell if it will stripe or not, but I think so. It's very cool looking. I also got Duchess yarn in a soft gray charcoal color. It's a very strange new mix to me: merino/viscose/cashmere/nylon/angora. I don't know what I'll do with it yet, I have 100 grams of the stuff (I bought the last two skeins on the shelf). It's pretty though. And sooooo soooooft.... Yarn? What yarn? These are my kittens. *pets*

Alas, I have to go finish sorting my summer clothing that has to be packed away into boxes so it can go into the attic and make way for my winter clothes. It's that time of year again, folks. Anyone want to donate some really thick woollen socks? It's just for a few months...

Life should be lived as play. ~Plato

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Donna Lee said...

So make some warm socks! You have the technology, you can make them stronger, warmer....