ahhhhh, glorious time off. I'm ejoying being lazy right now, because shortly I'll be getting up, eating lunch, and probably baking cookies. More of the spritz kind. I don't know, I might not. Then I go to work at seven. Yay.

Work yesterday was not fun. It was barely even tolerable. Due to someone scratching hours off the schedule, our PM animal care had issues. One of the assistant managers left early. Really early. Think three hours early. And then, if I had left when I was done, my manager who wasn't even supposed to be in and should have been at home resting because she's sick would have been alone for several hours, possibly without animal care at night. So I was nice and stayed a good two hours late to feed the puppies for her. She'd have to close the store to do it on her own. It's a hassle. And, because the asst. manager left early, I got stuck doing a good part of his customer-assistance job which used up so much of my time that I ended up being an hour late leaving anyway. We were flooded with people. It was crazy.

Last night was spent knitting the hat for my coworker, which is nearly finished. I also worked on Danny's (my cousin, he's two) dragon puppet. This yarn that I'm using is acrylic, Caron brand. It's in these wonderful, bright, crayola primary colors and it looks absolutely cute. I hope he'll like it. I had to mess with the stitch count and length because Danny is, as I said, two. Eleven and a half inches of puppet would cover his arm and fold down some. But it's adorable and I hope he'll love it.
I've cast on for a wrap I'm making for myself which is little more than a large, long rectangle meant to be thrown over my shoulders. I was originally going to just rib the edges and knit through, but I think I'll rib and then do a simple cable. Hm. I'm using a (pair of?) circular needle (s) that I borrowed from my mom. It's my first experience with them, and I have to say I'm ambivalent. Most people seem to favor either circulars or dpns, but I can't really say much. It's different, but not unpleasant. The cable has been wound for so long, though, that it naturally does that loop thing when I knit with it. That's annoying, but as my knitting gets heavier that will stop. I'm using a Patons brand 100% wool yarn in these nice tan, brown, blue, dark teal colors and I really like it. The yarn leapt off the shelf into my basket while I was at the store shopping around for hat yarn. I swear. I have a witness. It pleaded with me to buy it and take it home and knit something delicious and warm with it. I just couldn't turn that down.

I hope everyone's having a cool, easy pre-holiday week. I certainly am, though I keep procrastinating my present-wrapping. At this rate I 'll be wrapping Christmas Eve after I get home from work. I'll get to it. I just don't feel like going out into the garage and pulling down the boxes of wrapping paper and other accoutrements.

I'm not looking forward to this weekend, I am sad to say, because I work 7-2 at the pet store and then 2-7 at the book store. It'll be, uh, busy. I'm probably going to go in really early to the pet store and then be a little late to the book store. My manager there knows the scheduling issue, so she's okay with me being a little late. But we'll be so busy at the pet store I think I might just have to ignore the customers to get my work done on time. 'Cause, you know, I'm not in sales so I don't get a commission for convincing someone to buy a puppy. Which is really fair to me. Totally.

Mmm...spaghetti time!

"Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. And it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
-Marilyn Monroe

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Donna Lee said...

totally. You are one hard working chick.