Holiday update

Well, it's 7:00 am, and I'm passing a short amount of spare time blogging. I have work at 8:00, and my father, who is kind when he wants to be, has offered to give me a ride to work so I don't have to walk. My bike is busted, so until I get it fixed, I'm hoofin' it. Which means leaving over half an hour early to get to work. It sucks, yeah, but I've done it before, I'll live. I don't quite have the cash to fork out for a new back rim until I've got all my paychecks in order and deposited. Christmas usually ends up partially bankrupting me.

Speaking of Christmas, all my presents but two are in order and waiting to be wrapped. Em's going to love her ________, El's got a great ______, and I think my mom might just giggle hysterically at the ________. I got Holly a ________, and my dad is getting __________. I think he'll love it. Colleen's scarf is just past the halfway point, which is good because I think I might run out of yarn soon and I don't think I have any ball bands left. I have a pollyana at Borders, but I don't know what to get for the woman I picked. I went out and got the yarn to knit her a hat, but I don't have time to work on it between my jobs and my other knitting. Oh, and sleep.

All right, I must go. It's a short post, but I should let you know that I am not dead yet. Only slightly. I'd tell you in a longer, more verbose manner, but breakfast calls. Mmm oatmeal and hot chocolate.


Donna Lee said...

Giggle? I do not giggle. I laugh in a dignified manner.

Em said...

Oh, give it up nice lady, you giggle. Especially when you're tired. It's okay, it's wonderful to see you giggle. Kate, you realize Dad reads this on occasion, right?