Minor Name Confusion

I scrapped the Skinny Empire sweater for now, because I did some measurements before I tried it on, and the bit of math I remember from school informed me that it was several inches too large and would fit someone approximately twice my size a little snugly. So. I'll rip it out and let it sit for a bit, until the cooler and dryer weather comes upon us again.

In exchange for that, though, I've cast on for the Adamas shawl, which I keep find myself calling the Atomsk shawl. The confusion comes from a cult-classic and extremely popular anime called FoolyCooly (FuriKuri, FLCL) that Cartoon Network showed several years ago. They keep bringing it back into the late-night line up because everyone asks for it. A plot-important character that one of the main characters is chasing is named Atomsk (pronounced atom-isk by most, but even the director is unsure how to pronounce it). He's the Pirate King who can even steal entire star-systems. He doesn't ever speak, and in fact, you don't see him until the end of the last episode, but he's mentioned everywhere. The name sticks in your head after a while.

But talking about FLCL has made me want to watch it, so I should change the subject.

The weather lately has been wreaking havoc on my body. The heat, and then the humidity has made me achey, and my knee has been bothering me more than usual lately. Work hasn't helped that much, and I forgot my brace this morning, so work tonight is going to be tough. We have a meeting tomorrow morning, so I'm scheduled to open. I always open for a meeting, because I get the work done fast, so we can still open on time without me having to come in ridiculously early. By the way, Pizza Hut fans, we are getting Stuffed Pan Pizzas. Yes, that's right. The stuffed crust pizza that you loved (and just about every cook ever hated) is now available in pan crust. It's still only large, though. It doesn't surprise me that the pan is getting stuffed, I've been stuffing personal pans for myself for a while now, and people have been asking for stuffed pans since before I started.

.... that last sentence is a little odd to read outloud. It works out in my head, but it's awkward without context.

Patrick and I will have been dating for a year in October, and we were wondering what to do when I got a great idea. Pennsylvania Renn Faire! If we go the 17th, we'll be there for Tea with the Queen, which will be awesome. That's the plan, anyway, it might have to change. But it's something we'd both enjoy. I've been to the fair once a few years ago with Gio, and I really enjoyed myself. The coolest part I can remember (besides eating a turkey leg by myself) were people who wore makeup and costumes and pretended to be marble statues. A lot of people would take pictures by them, and the statue would move for the picture, and pose when no one was looking. Neat stuff.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Atomsk is calling.

"It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool. "
~Haruhara Haruko

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