So, on my one-day break from ten-days straight of work, I'm really not going to do much of anything productive. I'm going to sit around, play on my laptop, knit, eat, maybe take a nap if the notion takes me... then Patrick and I are going out to dinner so neither of us has to cook. Patrick even volunteered to do the laundry today so I don't have to. He's such a good man.
I'm going to be taking the knitting pictures today, and hopefully I'll have them posted by tomorrow morning.
Knitting has not really gotten done much lately, but then, I've been working a lot. I made the joke that I live at Pizza Hut, I just sleep somewhere else. Then I stopped and felt bad, because some weeks it's basically true. However, luck finally managed to pat me on the head a little before alighting on someone else's shoulder. Emily's friend Laura works for a flooring company not too far away. It's a $10 an hour job to throw tile on the floor and ask if the customer likes this color, or that one. Well, her boss is looking for a "mature, responsible" worker. Laura thought of me. Mr. Manager now has my name, phone number, and a high reccomendation from Laura that I'm a good pick. He gets back from vacation later this week, so he'll be giving me a call hopefully some time this weekend.
I'm so excited.
So that's all good news. Even if it's not full-time hours, the pay will help make up for that. And, even if I can't dump it completely, I can cut my hours back at Pizza Hut. Maybe serve only on the weekends or something. That will drive Matt insane.

I'm knitting and planning a few hats this summer. Warm, snuggly alpaca hats. A few of my friends are going away into the armed forces and whatnot, and I want them to have something warm to remind them of the friends they have back home wishing them well. The one leaving soonest, that I'm working on a hat for now, is my friend Caryn's younger brother. He's a pain, but it's his job as a little brother. He's got a good heart, though, and is generally a very nice young man. He deserves a hat. And maybe I'll send him off a pair of mittens or something later in the year. I don't know yet.

Well, here's hoping that Hump Day goes well for everyone. I'm going to go play some video games and read some webcomics while I wait for Patrick to get up so we can sit around and enjoy our day off together.

"So, if we love someone, we should train in being able to listen. By listening with calm and understanding, we can ease the suffering of another person.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Donna Lee said...

I hope you enjoyed your day off. And hats are always appreciated as tokens of affection. Especially hats with pompoms!