Things My Apartment Has Already Taught Me

(And it's only Day 3!)

1. Just because I have no seasonings and one of the tiniest, most difficult to move in kitchen spaces I have ever seen does NOT mean I can't whip up a totally badass and tasty meal. In fact, it rather challenges me into making something really super tasty just to show the kitchen up. It's all like, "Aww, and I was even making the oven door close on her arms and not having an oven thermometer was supposed to make her meatloaf come out half-raw! Look at that, she just completely got over all the obstacles I put in her way and made that really awesome dinner."
Booyah, bitch.

2. Turning the shower up too high causes a miniature tornado in the bathroom that will begin to unroll the toilet paper of you let it go long enough. Our shower is capable of putting out an impressively pressurized stream of water. Unfortunately, the force of this water moving through the air draws the curtain in to it, which lets more air flow around the bathroom. With the door closed, the wind will knock over the soap container on the sink and will gradually make the toilet paper roll start to, well, roll. Fortunately, this is remedied by adjusting the water pressure.
I learned this the hard way.

3. Blackout curtains are some of the most wonderful inventions known to sleep. The first night here, we discovered that the street light that illuminates the parking lot also shines directly into our windows in the bedroom. Also the bathroom and the kitchen, making nightlights moot. However, shining right into our faces when we try to sleep at night is rather bothersome. This was remedied by a blackout curtain obtained from Ross (lovely place, Ross) which will be cut shorter (it is needlessly floor-length) and then lengthened to cover both the windows.
I am ridiculously appreciative that my mom got me a sewing machine last year for Christmas.

4. There are some little things that you'll never think of until you need them. Little did my parents know when the purchased for me a Swiss Army Knife that they were preparing me for a tough situation in the future. When cooking my first meal in this apartment, I went to open a can of corn and stopped cold. A can opener. We didn't have one. This meal wasn't complete without corn! We needed a vegetable! This was terrible! And then Patrick, the voice of reason called across the room, "Use your knife, Luk--" Er, well, okay. He reminded me that my pocket knife has a can opener on it. After fussing that I didn't know how to use that kind, Patrick came over and showed me.
We had a healthy, complete meal that night. Meat, starch, vegetable.

5. Just because the guy upstairs seems to have the most random sleep pattern known to man doesn't mean we have to hate him. In fact, it rather means that I plan on making a little box of cookies or maybe a small cake or something to give to him as a sort of introductory handshake. I am a proponent of trying your best to make nice with your neighbors, even if you can't make friends. You never know who will be helpful if disaster strikes. Sure, Mr. Upstairs is studying for his PhD over at the UMDNJ, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't like a little hello present. I met him incredibly briefly on Tuesday when he was on his way out the door, but it was just long enough to tell him my name and actually shake hands before he had to run.
I am determined to find something nice to give him when I say hello.

6. Never underestimate the comforting power of holiday decorations. Sure, I've only got some snowflakes up on our windows and the bedroom door is wrapped (with a sparkly bow, too) but even though this huge living room still seems to be cavernously empty, it feels a lot more like home now.
It's the little touches that make the place.

And I am glad I got these important lessons out of the way. Now, on to learn some more. I'm sure they're lurking around here somewhere.


Roxie said...

What colors are you going for? Fabric does a LOT to cozy up an echoingly empty space. Need a coffee table? Throw a nice piece of fabric over a couple of boxes. Ditto for end-tables. And you can store out-of-season clothes or camping equipment or whatever in those boxes, freeing up closet space. Need more storage space? Bricks and boards for shelves with an old sheet / curtain stapled to the top board. Bare white walls? Put up two coat hooks into the studs, then run a clothes line between them and display your scarves. Handy for when you need them, and an ever-varying art work. Tell us your colors. We may have fabric scraps that need to come live with you.

Oh, if you have a few extra dollars, look for a hotel re-sale shop. CHEAP but well-made furniture. I've found big framed mirrors for less than you can buy them at Goodwill.

Donna Lee said...

Yay for swiss army knives! They can save you butt. Can opener, huh? I hadn't thought of that. Well,christmas is coming.