The Long-Awaited Day

As I type this blog, I am sitting in bed next to Patrick in a brand-new bedroom in our brand-new apartment.
As Patrick just said, "Well, I'm happy."
It's been a long day today, what with all the moving things all over the place. Thanks to very generous family members the only things we are lacking now are pots, pans, and silverware. Plus the little inconsequential things that we'll have to pick up as we go along. Oh, and a vacuum cleaner. About 75% of the floors here is carpet. Plain Jane latte brown. We're allowed to paint, but have to repaint if/when we move out. We're fine with white walls, anyway. We have plenty of decorations to spice them up.
We finish shifting the last of our things here tomorrow, and my mom has graciously allowed me to borrow her shopvac to clean up all the leaves and stuff we've trekked in. Tomorrow morning we run to the bank and then do some shopping to stock up on food and get all of our basics down. Patrick's mom gave us a $50 gift card to Pathmark, so I've convinced Patrick to let me get us something really nice to have for dinner tomorrow night--I have off all day, but he has to go in at five. I was thinking maybe some nice steak and maybe some baked potatos? I don't know, I have to figure out what I can cook with two sauce pans, a frying pan, and a medium-sized stockpot.
Em&co. are giving us a table and chairs, and we're pretty sure we're going to get those this weekend. Everyone has been to visit now except them, and I'd like to show off to Em. I highly value her opinion, but don't let her know that.

Thanksgiving was wonderful as always. It always reminds me (and sometimes I really need it) of all the things that I have that others don't, and it makes me very grateful that I am so lucky. I am blessed with everything I need and quite a bit extra, and I am equally blessed that I don't have a lot of what I don't need (like drama, a debilitating illness, or a huge debt).

Arianne (my spinning wheel spoke to me today with a name for her) is sitting snugly in a corner of the living room near the couch, but she's missing her fiber baskets dearly. Perhaps this weekend I might find some time to do a bit of spinning. I'll figure out a way to get some pictures and share them with you next post, once we're all settled and everything is put away. Right now a third of our bedroom is piled with clothes that have to get folded and put in the dresser.

sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa ni
jibun rashisa wo chikara ni
mayoinagarademo ii arukidashite
mou ikkai mou ikkai
turning sadness into kindeness
your uniqueness into strenght
it's okay to get lost so begin walking
once again, once again

Little by Little ~ Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni (Turning Sadness into Kindness)

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