You never realize quite how many little movements your hands and wrist make to do simple things, like hook a bra or sling a shawl around your shoulders, until you injure one of them.

I don't know what I did to my left wrist, but it hurts. At first it was an achey kind of pain when I used or stressed it. Then it developed a sharp quality and spread into my hand near my thumb and forefinger. Then it would ache up my arm to my elbow. All at different times, of course. I went to see a doctor about it on Tuesday, and she sent me off to get x-rays, which I did Thursday night. I have been very careful since then not to irritate whatever injury or abnormality I may have because, you know, ow. I was told not to wrap it except maybe while I'm sleeping (to help prevent any unknowing bad things) because if it is a tendon injury or something, immobilizing it may cause it to begin healing the wrong way. Which makes sense, I guess.
Knitting is out of the question, and that is depressing. Playing most video games is out, too, which is equally depressing. In my free time I am reduced to reading on my nook, which isn't bad but gets hard on my eyes after a while. Work continues like normal, though I was favoring my right hand for most things.
I was set to putting away our order last night, and I went about it very carefully. I made Shift-Runner R do all the heavy lifting and carry the awkward things because he's a strong guy and hey, ow, and I pulled out the battered old cart to tote things around rather than carry them like I normally would. In my mind, I was going about this the best I could. Until, as I was carrying a large, light-weight box (filled with cardboard drink carriers) I tried to quickly back out of someone's way because she wasn't paying attention while on her cell phone. I couldn't move fast enough and the woman plowed right into me. With force. She was not a small woman. After a quick, "Oh, sorry," from her and several tense apologies from me, I put the box in S-R R's arms and walked very quickly into the back where I broke into a bout of Very Strong Language as I ran cool water over my now incredibly painful wrist.
I gave up on the order and went to the register, where that didn't really help any. Like I said before... little movements I never realized were there were suddenly very good at making themselves obvious.

The office is closed Sundays and Mondays, so I will call Tuesday on my break and schedule a follow-up to look at the x-rays and see what's going on. I really hope it's just muscular or something. I keep having horrible visions of surgery and months out of work to heal, and re-injury and other such bad things.

But on to other things.

About a week ago it was October 7th. That may not mean much to you, but to Patrick and I it means three years together. Holy wow, really? It's felt like forever. We went camping last weekend down in Atsion and had a very nice time. It was beautiful weather, and peaceful.

Otherwise, that's really it for my news. Hope the rest of your weekend is smooth and lovely.

My baby may not be rich
He's watching every dime.
But he loves me, loves me, loves me,
And we always have a real good time.
And maybe he sings off key
But that's all right by me.
'Cause what he does, he does so well
Makes me wanna yell!
Let's hear it for the boy!
~Let's Hear it for the Boy, Deniece Williams


Roxie said...

Three years and a dog. Not bad!

Hope the wrist is something that just needs brace or a splint till things cool down. Best of luck on that. Tendons and ligaments and stuff are so dicey!

Donna Lee said...

I know that you're taking it easy and there's not much else you can do. It's tough when something hurts and you can't just take a pill to fix it....